Andy Pruna

My Art and Philosophy

Artistic talent is something we are born with, and its manifestation can take on many forms. With some it’s music, others, the pen. In my case, it’s been painting with much enrichment from photography and cinema. I have never really put my paintings into any particular school or style since I see painting more as a kind of state of mind. As one grows older, has different experiences, discovers the world, our aesthetics change and, as a result, so does our art.

When I first studied painting it was all about technique, about perfecting the ability to reproduce what you saw. The better you could do that, the better painter you were considered. But I don’t remember any classes about passion or soul or whatever you want to call what I consider the essence of painting, the part that moves the painter and, in turn, moves the observer. To me painting is 50% execution and 50% emotion, (maybe 40/60). When someone looks at my paintings, I’d like them to do what I do when looking at paintings that I love – I want them to connect to the piece and then be impacted emotionally by the dramatic colors and sometimes-unusual subjects, by their beauty and implication. To achieve a feeling akin to the way I feel when I look at a Klimt, a Gauguin or a Cuixart – or, the energy and inspiration that I feel when I look at works by Brad Kunkle and Julio Zapata, painters whom I consider contemporary favorites.

I suppose that I’m primarily a figurative painter, but I’m not hesitant to cross the boundary into realism, surrealism, or abstraction, in order to effect the right sensation. I consider myself a good draftsman who tends to gravitate toward wildlife and marine subjects. But, the real question for me is, why do I paint? Because I need to. Unlike photography, which is about composition and capturing the perfect moment, or film where we introduce movement, sound, changing light and story, using my hand to deliver lines and curves onto a canvass is my truest form of self-expression; like a love affair that I just can’t stop showing up for.