Andy Pruna


Andy with Magellanic Penguin chick in Punta Tombo rookery in Patagonia, Argentina
Andy in 2010 after a deep dive using an Azimuth Rebreather  
Andy while in Maui, Hawaii filming Humpback whales  
Andy with Charito, a baby Rhea  
Andy in a penguin rookery inspecting a tern’s nest  
Andy overlooking the Lamaire Pass in Antarctica  
Andy on the cover of the Argentine’s children magazine Billiken  
Andy with two inquisitive Coatis in the Impentrable in the Chaco area in Argentina  
Andy and wife Marisabel and Krov Menuhin and wife Annie with Zodiac inflatables while filming in Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argentina  
 Andy in the northern part of Argentina in ‘The Impenetrable Forest’ holding a Tatu Carreta or Giant armadillo, an almost extinct species and the largest armadillo in existence today